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Harper County

For Captains

The captain is in charge!

  • Organize your six member team
  • Get all members registered
  • Share program information
  • Motivate, connect and celebrate!


  • Choose a team name
  • Select a challenge (description in right column)
  • Do activities together
  • Interact and connect regularly in some way

Celebrate behavior change!

  • Send a message each week to highlight team or member success
  • Send a motivational text, a cartoon, e-card or postcard
  • Arrange team activities such as a bowling party, miniature golf, a pot-luck dinner or lunch out. 
  • Participate in local program classes or activities
  • Join in for the celebration event if scheduled


 Choose your challenge! See the descriptions at right.


The first thing you will do is connect with your team to choose a team name and select a goal (one of the Walk Kansas challenges.) Use the online platform available when you register for Walk Kansas to stay connected, or find other way that works for your team. Team mates do not need to walk or do activities together – they can if they want to. As a captain, it is your role to see that team members interact and connect regularly in some way.


Celebration is an important part of a behavior change process. This doesn't have to be elaborate and can be a simple as sending a message each week to highlight success of the team or individual members. Send a motivational text, a cartoon, e-card or postcard. Arrange a fun activity for your team such as a bowling party, miniature golf, a pot-luck dinner or lunch out. Make it healthful and fun!

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Team Challenges

Each team chooses one of these challenges. As your team moves through your selected trail, learn about points of interest through the online map.

Challenge 1 - 8 Wonders Each person reaches the minimum goal for physical activity -- 150 minutes per week. Collectively, the team would walk 435 miles as they discover the 8 Wonders of Kansas!

Challenge 2 – Follow US Route 56! This trail actually begins in New Mexico, but it won’t take you long to reach Kansas and then trek across the state on Route 56. Each person logs 200 minutes of activity/week, and the team will travel 640 miles.

Challenge 3 - Cross Country A winding trail from Troy to Elkhart, requiring each person to log 4 hours per week, traveling 764 miles total.

Challenge 4 - Little Balkans to Nicodemus Walk the SE part of the state known as the Little Balkans and then wind up and around to Nicodemus. This team will go 1200 miles and require each person to log 6 hours per week.


Forms and Information

Guide for Captains

Captain Log

Please register online at www.walkkansasonline.org