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Walk Kansas Newsletters



Week 1

Life Better, Life Longer
Eating the Med Way
Walk Kansas Week 1
What is a Blue Zone?
Recipe: Mediterranean Chili

Week 2

Move Naturally, Move More
Posture Powers
Give Your Pantry a Med Makeover
Recipe: Hummus

Week 3

Eat More Plants
Add Intervals to Boost Fitness
Gardening for Exercise
Plant an Herb Garden
Recipe: Chicken Caprese Salad

Week 4

Find Your Right Tribe
Build Muscle with Squats
Pulses - Cornerstone of Blue Zone Eating
Recipe: Baked Chickpeas

Week 5

Downshift to Manage Stress
Posture Exercise and Pec Stretch
Swap Your Fats
Recipes: Greek Salad

Week 6

Eating Mindfully - The 80% Rule
Wine at 5? What Does Research Say?
More Moves for Strength
Tame your Sweet Tooth
Recipe: Med Meringues

Week 7

Sense of Purpose - Know your Why
Strengthen Your Core
Change Your Protein
Recipe: Mediterranean Style Baked Salmon

Week 8

The Power 9®
Stretch and Strengthen Hip Flexors
Goodness of Whole Grains
Recipe: Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Week 9

Walk Kansas 2020 in Review
Cheers? Stay Hydrated
Grilling Season is Here!
Recipe: Garlic Grilled Broccoli