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Walk Kansas Newsletters



Week 1 - English
Week 1 - Spanish

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
How Much is Enough?
Things to do this Week
What is the MIND Diet?
Recipe: Fish and Summer Squash

Week 2 - English
Week 2 - Spanish

Music for Your Mind
How to Warm Up and Cool Down
Move to the Music
Dark Leafy Greens Everyday
Recipe: Go Green Salad

Week 3 - English
Week 3 - Spanish

Brain is like a Muscle
Exercise Snacks for Beg Benefits
Walking Technique Matters
B Vitamins Boost Brain Power
Recipe: Tuscan Veggie Chicken Stew

Week 4 - English
Week 4 - Spanish

Stress and Your Brain
Benefits of Strength Training
Walk Kansas 5K for the Fight!
Berries - A Nutritional Powerhouse
Recipe: Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

Week 5 - English
Week 5 - Spanish

Make YOur Brain More Flexible
Gett Loose
MIND Diet Recommendations
Recipe: Fajita Casserole

Week 6 - English
Week 6 - Spanish

Movement - A Tune-up for Your Mind
Does Your Body Feel Stiff?
Processed Foods - The Good and Bad
Recipe: Greek Green Beans

Week 7 - English
Week 7 - Spanish

Add Some Vigorous Exercise
Squats for Strength
Enjoy Nuts Every Day
Recipe: Crusted Veggie Egg Cups

Week 8 - English
Week 8 - Spanish

Sugar and Your Brain
Stretch and Strengthen Hip Flexors
How to Reduce Sugar
Recipe: Hidden Veggie Marinara Sauce

Week 9 - English
Week 9 - Spanish

Wrap up edition!

Sleep and Your Brain
How Long Does it Take to Lose Fitness?
Tips for Great Grilling
Recipe: Salsa Sides