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Harper County

How to Join 4-H

Joining 4-H is quick, easy and free!

  • Enrollment is done online at www.ks.4honline.com.
  • There are deadlines for enrollment: Reoccurring members must be enrolled online by November 1. WHY? This is so youth will continue to receive information from the Extension office and leaders. New members may join anytime but must be enrolled by May 1 is the deadline for all new members joining 4-H.
  • 4-H is open to youth 7 years of age to 18. Youth choose what club they would like to join.
  • For more information, contact us: (620) 842-5445 or email Jenni Carr at jlcarr@ksu.edu, Christy Reel at christyd@ksu.edu or Kathy Lamb at klamb@ksu.edu

4-H Enrollment