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Harper County

Harper County 4-H Record Book Forms


Click on the appropriate form that you need below. After you initially download the file, SAVE it to your computer with a name that you can easily recognize, such as: "Sally Beef Record 2019".

Special Award Applications

Demonstration Award

Leadership Award


Record Book Information and Forms

Record Book Instructions 

4-H Personal Page for ALL ages (form-fillable Word) (if asked to open as read only, say NO, then click "enable editing" when it opens in Word)
4-H Permanent Record for ALL ages (form-fillable Word)

4-H Record Book Completion Form for ALL ages

JUNIOR records are intended to be hand-written by the 4-H member

JR. General Project Record for ages 7-9 (form-fillable Word)

JR Livestock Project Record for ages 7-9 (form-fillable Word)

INTERMEDIATE records are intended to be filled out on the computer, although hand-written records are acceptable.

INT General Project Record for ages 10-13 (form-fillable Word)
INT Livestock Project Record for ages 10-13 (form-fillable Word)

SENIOR records are intended to be filled out on the computer.

SR General Project Record for ages 14+ (form-fillable Word)
SR Livestock Project Record for ages 14+ (form-fillable Word)

Record books are due into the Harper County Extension Office by October 1st. Your record book must be in the following order:

Personal Page

Permanent Page

Record sheets for each of the current year projects you are enrolled in (can be in any order)


In order to be eligible to win a county project pin, at the Awards Banquet, a KAP must be filled out for the project that you would like to compete in and must be submitted by October 1st.

  • 4-H Story KAP
    • 4-H Story awards are available to juniors ages 7-13 and seniors ages 14-18.
    • Each 4-H story is to be in a separate binder with the contents in the following order: Personal Page, 4-H Story
    • This is a county award only.
  • Achievement KAP
    • KAP needs to be in a separate binder
    • Award profile must include all projects that the 4-H'er is enrolled in.
    • This is a county award only - not eligible to go on to area judging.
  • Leadership KAP
    • Must be enrolled in Leadership at any level.
    • KAP needs to be in a seperate binder
  • I Dare You Award
    • County 4-Her’s 16 years and older who have completed their sophomore or junior year in high school.
    • Must fill out an application
  • 4-H Key Award
    • To apply, must be 16 years or older as of January 1 of the current year.
    • To apply, eligible youth must complete the Key Award application form.
  • Reporters Notebook Award
    • Club reporters can turn in their reporters notebook at the same time record books are turned in for county awards.
    • First place notebook will be eligible for area competition. Notebook will be judge on completeness , quality of writing, timeliness, goals and evaluation, organization, & neatness.
  • Historian Scrapbook Award
    • County level award only.
    • The historian’s book is to tell the story of the club for the year. It is to include: title page, group members, officers, and leaders, charter, clippings, pictures, ribbons, correspondence, secretary’s book from previous years, treasure’s book.
  • Record Book Certificate & Seals
    • To receive a certificate or seal for a completed record book, record book project sheet or KAP form must be completed for all projects enrolled.
    • First year the record book is completed, 4-Her will receive a certificate
    • Each year following a seal will be presented to add to the certificate.

Member Achievement Plans

  • The pins are designed to recognize youth for achieving that level of participation in the 4-H program.
  • This is not a competitive process.  All youth who complete an application and whose application is deemed as complete, will receive a recognition pin.
  • Only one achievement pin may be received each year.
  • All youth must receive the pins in the order listed above with this exception.  Youth who are over12 and applying for their first pin may skip the member and bronze pins.  Junior Leader pin can be received at any time after age of 12.

Member Achievement Plan 1 - Membership Pin

Member Achievement Plan 2 - Bronze Pin

Member Achievement Plan 3 - Clover Pin

Member Achievement Plan 4 - Emerald Pin

Member Achievement Plan 5 - Silver Pin

Member Achievement Plan 6 - Silver Guard

Member Achievement Plan 7 - Leadership Pin

Member Achievement Plan 8 - Gold Pin

Member Achievement Plan 9 - Gold Guard