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Harper County

4-H State Exchange

Harper County 4-H State Exchange Guide

What is a County 4-H Exchange?

An Interstate Exchange program is an exciting opportunity for teen age youth. Exchange programs are a series of learning experiences in which individuals from a club, community or county visit in the homes of 4-H members in another geographical area, and are visited by them in return. Counties usually host a group one year and return to visit the homes of their guests the following year. 


Exchange participants must be at least age 13 by June 1 of the current year & no older than 19 by January 1 of the current year.

Why Have Exchanges?

Exchanges provide opportunities to travel, sightsee, meet new people, make new friends, explore expanding interests, experience how others live and see other 4-H members in action. Exchange programs, properly planned and conducted, can be an important educational experience for 4-H teens. Exchange programs can give youth and chaperons a chance to experience a culture different from their own. All exchange programs should help participants recognize value and celebrate diversity.

HP Co 4-H State Exchange 2017  

2016-2017 Kansas/Pennsylvania Exchange

IndianaOregonWisconsin Exchange

2014-2015 Kansas/Indiana Exchange

2012-2013 Kansas/Oregon Exchange

2010-2011 Kansas/Wisconsin Exchange

New YorkMontanaVirginia

2008-2009 Kansas/New York Exchange

2006-2007 Kansas/Montana Exchange

2004-2005 Kansas/Virginia Exchange


2002-2003 Kansas Minnesota Exchange