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Harper County

2020 Sheep & Goat Ear Tagging

This year for tagging we have changed our protocal.  We will only be tagging, there will no weighing so no rate of gain contest.  The tagging will take place on May 2nd at the fairgrounds, please park on the east side of the blue barn, coming from the north, and we will tag on the south side of the blue barn.  STAY IN  YOUR VEHICLE.  The superintendents will gather your family information, enter your trailer, tag your animals  and then you can leave.  The superintendents will be practicing bio security by wearing gloves and boot covers and taggers will be disinfected between trailers.  If you are hauling more than one families animals please have them identified with a marker stripe or halter so the information can be recorded correctly.

Sheep will be tagged from 8-9 am, breed determination will be made by superintendents, you will be given a list of tag # and breeds.  We use the breed information to insure we have proper breed awards for the fair.  Please note that some times when an animal shows up at the fair their breed characteristics have changed so their classification will change.

Goats will be tagged from 9:15 am-10 am.


Only market animals need to be tagged, breeding animals do not.  If you have both sheep and goats they can be tagged at the same time but please arrive for the sheep tagging.  All sheep and goats must have a USDA Scrapie tag in their ear, this is a federal regulation.  The scrapie tag is unique to the breeder of the animal.  If your animal does not have a scrapie tag please contact the person you purchased the animal from and get one.


If you have any questions please reach out to me before May 2nd.  We want the process to go smoothly and appreciate your patience as we navigate through this.

Jenni Carr

Ag & Natural Resources Agent
K-State Research & Ext., Harper County