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Harper County

2017 Swine Tagging


Fellow Pig People,

It is hard to believe that it is already time to start getting pigs for the fair!!  Below is just some important information to help get ready!

Swine Superintendents are:
Dustin Newberry: Cell 620-842-2098, Email is: lynda_newberry@yahoo.com
Todd Larson: Cell 620-440-2529
All tagging must be completed by Saturday, May 6, therefore you need to contact Dustin (via email or text) to schedule a time for either him or Todd to come to your house/farm and tag your pigs as soon as you have your animals! Please do not wait until the last minute!!  The plan is to only go to one farm a day so it is very important that you think ahead and schedule.  
NOTE: If you purchase a pig at the Harper County Sale this weekend, Todd will be available to tag your pigs there before you load out.
Kierstin & Kylin are planning on a few meetings that will cover some of the following topics: Breed Characteristics, Feeding, including the new feed/medicine rules, Clipping, and Showmanship.  If there is a topic or something you would like them to hit, just let us know.  The first meeting will be in the next couple of weeks and the others will be later on.
If anyone has any questions, or need any help getting their swine project started, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email.  We want everyone to have a positive and fun year learning about their pigs!
 Dustin Newberry